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About Us

Terraid Labs got it's name by combining the two words - Terra (Earth) and Aid (Help/Support).

Our Philosophy : You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you're not passionate enough from the start, you'll never stick it out. The world is full of possibilities for an optimist. Every problem/issue is an opportunity to improve the quality of life. We at Terraid Labs are passionate and committed to bringing innovative & effective solutions with our tech skills.

  • We kicked off our journey to help make the earth a better place by empowering every common individual through technological solutions in 2018.
  • We are a product development company building products for people. We work on engaging problem statements, trying to put technology for good use.

Our Expertise

We are not a Jack of all trades, but the Masters of many.

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What differentiates us?

Open minded. Transparent. Working hard to stay relevant.

Terraid Labs is about "Thinking outside the box" and providing solutions that has the ability to empower every common individual.

Tech for Change

We want our products to help change the world, to help create new opportunities and change that make a difference to lives and not just to get the job done.

Faith in people

We strongly believe that "Technology" is just an enabler and not the solution itself. It's our faith in common people, which drives us to innovate. We believe the common people are smart and given the right products, they will do wonderful things with them.

Versatile Team

We are a group of self-motivated individuals, with seasoned experience in the software industry. We have worked on problem statements across different domains, flexible and adaptable to any domain, any problem and any technology.






Hours Of Development


Hard Workers

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If you have an idea and need a team to brainstorm it with you / help you choose the best fit tech stack, feel free to get in touch with us.

Our Works

We're enthusiastic about what we do and strive to accomplish more

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If you are a person who finds it hard to track the fuel expenses of all your vehicles and estimate their mileage, VeTrack is for you.

Bringing to you an elegant and simple interface to record all your fuel logs, in turn providing you with detailed insights per vehicle such as amount spent, mileage, history of servicing the vehicle.

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Testimonials Manager

For SMEs, collecting testimonials from clients and updating it on their website is always a hard task. It is much harder to request updates in the content if the website development has been outsourced not to mention the associated operational cost of maintaining the hardware resources.

Worry not, collecting and updating testimonials in your website is hassle free now. Testimonial Manager has been developed to help businesses collect, manage and update testimonials in their website at the click of a button.

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Privacy Policy Generator

You had a great idea. Hacked your first mobile App. And now STUCK with generating a privacy policy document for launching your app on AppStore?

We have got you covered. Privacy Policy generator helps you to generate a legal privacy policy document that you can use on AppStore. Fill in details about app ownership, pricing model & download your privacy policy in no time. You can thank us later. Now, go deploy your great idea on AppStore and get the ball rolling. Cheers!

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Park Within

Think of the last time you overpaid for parking an extra minute in a Mall. Parking charges have always been a nightmare for people. Parking for an extra minute or two, you are billed an entire hour. To rescue you from this situation, we present to you Park Within

Park Within reminds you when your parking is about to expire. This helps you decide if you want to extend the parking for the next hour or to complete your work within the current hour, thereby saving your hard earned money on parking fee.

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Ischemic Care

Aimed at facilitating communication for Doctors in rural parts of Tamil Nadu with Cardiologists & Neurologists in the nearby cities, Ischemic Care was developed as a proof-of-concept in collaboration with the Cardiology department of Vellamal Hospitals, Madurai.

This application provides an interface for Rural Doctors to request a second opinion from specialists. This helps save time and precious lives.